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Money Standings - Top 10
(Thru end of 2017 Season)
1Alex Ju$5,087.50
2Don Jones$4,429.16
3Steven Moses$4,357.50
4Eric Jenkins$3,824.99
5Johnny Leonard$3,391.67
6Dan Riley$3,329.17
7Sher Nasir$2,900.00
8Dave Lettieri$2,412.50
9Terry Sutton$1,904.17
10Todd Ackerman$1,891.66
Baca Cup Point Leaders - Top 10
(Thru end of 2017 Season)
1Don Jones4,754.16
2Alex Ju4,300.00
3Dan Riley3,954.17
4Steven Moses3,857.50
5Johnny Leonard3,466.67
6Eric Jenkins2,362.49
7David Lettieri2,312.50
8Terry Sutton2,204.17
9Todd Ackerman2,079.16
10Darryl Goode1,625.00
Player of Year Standings - Top 10
(Thru end of 2017 Season)
1Don Jones46
2Alex Ju46
3Dan Riley35
4Johhny Leonard34
4Steven Moses34
6David Lettieri28
7Sher Nasir25
8Todd Ackerman24
9Eric Jenkins23
10Terry Sutton19

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