The Tournament Golf Association of America
the Premier Golf Tour in the Mid-Atlantic since 1996

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2019 Season Winners
Nathan Twining$2,000.00
Carlos Csicsmann$500.00
Money Standings - Top 10 (2019)
1Nathan Twining$2,000.00
2Tony Solina$1,000.00
3Kal Guraya$650.00
4Carlos Csicsmann$500.00
4Russ Felter$500.00
6Sher Nasir$400.00
7Todd Ackerman$350.00
8Andy Lewis$275.00
8Paul Hunt$275.00
10Dan Riley$225.00
Player of Year Standings - Top 10 (2019)
1Nathan Twining72.0
2Tony Solina60.0
3Kal Guraya58.0
4Russ Felter56.0
5Sher Nasir54.0
6Todd Ackerman53.0
7Dave Lettieri49.5
8Andy Lewis49.0
8Paul Hunt49.0
10Carlos Csicsmann47.0

Calling all amateurs!
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Members may declare as a professional prior to the event and compete for cash winnings that exceed $750.00 when conditions apply!

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GolfWeek Tour

Flights: Yes

First Place Payout: $150*

How are winnings paid?
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Yardages: 6000-6600
* based on 24 players

Flights: No

First Place Payout: $750*

How are winnings paid?
Gift Card of your choice

Yardages: 6300-6600
* based on 24 players
Golf Channel Tour

Flights: Yes

First Place Payout: $200*

How are winnings paid?
Big Box Golf Store

Yardages: 6000-6800
* based on 24 players